Sunday, February 15, 2015


I like this a lot.
I have been consistently, if lazily, on the lookout for a slubby, lineny, loose weave, work wear, hempy fabric with a view to making...something up since last year.  I became obsessed with cheesecloth.  
I bought an xxs 70s man's shirt of the classic blue checked cheesecloth off eBay, which gives me great pleasure.  But a fabric that was shirt or trouser weight was elusive at a good price.  Eventually I found a retired dressmaker selling off bolts.   Upon arrival it was not white, however, but yellowed magnolia with a green and mustard check and looks like would it be quite at home, once made up, with a food stain down it.  So the dye project is on.  Black.   Probably using Burda 6907 with some alterations to make them more like this (it's the hems).
I am still quietly working on the underwear project by the way.  A couple of tweaks and it's there.  Pardon the pun.