Sunday, January 12, 2014

And the bride wore Vogue Couturier 990 in white organza and voile


I think it all went rather well considering I had no prior experience of pattern cutting.
The hem, however, was a complete nightmare as I had gone off map with the fabric.  I liked how the toile was looking with the organza (ebay, 99p for 10m...) so abandoned the plan to use matt satin.
The pattern said to face the main fabric and then hem and stitch the lining to it.  But as you can see, the outer layer being transparent and checked meant that this was never going to work.  In the end after deep googling and hand wringing for many days,  I found my answer of a blind zigzag hem in Gerties better blog for sewing and also this Sewing sequins blog tutorial for which, I am eternally grateful and will be using again.  I was then able to leave the two layers loose and faced the lining instead.
Another brilliant trick learned on my 'journey', as they say on the realitytvdocudramas, was to not iron the faced hem but to merely show it the iron so that it has a loose 50s bagged quality.  Bosh.
I made the garland using an 80s dried flower crown from ebay and sewed in silk and velvet flowers from a wonderful shop Leaf and Petal in Hastings that has the original presses from the days when people needed silk velvet flowers in their lives.  The veil I shortened using the same blind hem method.
So now, I hope you can see why I haven't posted lately. 
Next sewing project is to cut and sew lingerie.  I have some beautiful navy silk with a gold microdot just waiting.  See, there's a night or two at a rangy, old Landmark Trust house coming up and I would like to swan about in it there. 

Photos by the lovely Lowri Pendrell


Nancy Smith said...

Amazing! I have chosen this pattern to make into my wedding dress and just stumbled across your blog! You look stunning in it! I am excited to see a real-life version of the dress after countless google searches (christ knows how I managed to miss it until now).

May I ask, did you follow the instructions re: the horsehair braid? It seems like a bit of a wierd place to put it but then again I've never made a gown-y type dress before.

Thanks and (belated) congratulations!


missrdevine said...

Ah thanks - glad you found it! I failed to find pictures of it fully made up either...
I went for floaty but if the fabric was duchesse satin or something heavy and self faced it would look really beautiful - and definitely need that horsehair. It's placed high to give it that early 60s bell shape.
It was a super easy pattern really despite the instructions being maddeningly concise - the worst part was hemming all those meters of fabric.
Good luck - let me know if you get stuck - and please link me your pictures if you go for it!!
All the best

Nancy Smith said...

hi, I've just seen your reply, thank you for the tips, I've left myself a pretty tight schedule to make the dress so good to know about the hemming! I had first pictured it being made out of duchesse but for budget reasons am going to go for dupion or shantung instead. I figure the crispness should give an interesting effect...
Will definately send a link for photos when its done!

missrdevine said...

I did size down the bodice so I would advise a toile to check how the pattern fits first. I found a tutorial for how to tweak a princess front seam - it's an easy job and on the blog post. Oh good luck! Exciting. X