Thursday, September 12, 2013

Walking in Anna Karina's shoes

I have been lately looking for a pair of pointed t bar flats.   Cut away pointed flats to go with my box pleated, wool, above the knee, navy skirt that I haven't found yet either - come on ebay.
Whilst looking to illustrate this, I noted that Anna Karina has single-handedly inspired pretty much any street trend you could identify for the last umpteen seasons.   Bit like when you find out your favourite record was actually a cover version in some cases.  But then. Who could blame them.

I hope to post an update on my wedding dress progress soon, as I have made progress. I have earmarked some silk blend duchesse satin in milky ivory on, you guessed, ebay. I have cut and recut, draped and cried and am at the point of attaching the skirt on the toile. Vogue's pattern instructions are thin on direction and the version I bought was digitally 'let off' rather than 're-mastered' and looks like it was drawn by a child. The graphics on the instructions are printed blurred to begin with and so are,at times, so dense that light bends round them. Spidey sense has prevailed. If I pull this off, I WILL be making a speech about it at the wedding.

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