Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jolie lace detective

I've been given some lace fabrics to help identify by the local museum.  No mean task;  machined lace can be antique and without being able to do a burn test, the fibers are ellusive.*  Then is it  bobbin or needle, applique or loomed?  Not to mention the wealth of technique that should reveal its very own gimp thread knotted forever to a small village somewhere in Europe - Europe is quite big.  I'm off to talk to an expert in such matters and drink in their knowledge vicariously.  More on that later.
Meanwhile.  Last summer I tinkered with a 30s bra pattern to make it more 60s led and cut some briefs to match.  At the time it became a liberty fabric bikini but I am now completely inspired by handling these amazing fabrics to make it up in silk and antique lace - not the museum ones, obviously.   If only I didn't have my wedding dress to make by the end of September. Yes.  Must get on with that one...

* silk smells like hair, cotton like paper, polyester like, well, polyester burning
Jolie Mômes lingerie - so good- seen here ,

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