Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wedding Dress #3 Winging it.

So.  Here I am, starting from a size 18 pattern when I am an 8/10.  See my troubled, studious face.  My seamstress experience is all a bit taking in jeans down the inside leg (in orange thread) wondering why it twisted. Aged 11. 
So today, I took all my measurements and decided I needed to take 1" off the bodice length, bodice waist and 3" off the bust.  That would be a small bust adjustment then.  Bear in mind that the pattern has no obvious grain measurements and a dart on the back piece seems to be missing. 
I first took an inch off the pattern length at my personal waistline on each piece as I had googled that you had to do length adjustments first.  I guessed where the line was to pleat.
For the bust, I used a dissection method.  I divided the 3" loss measurement across the 4 pieces: 2 back, 2 side fronts and 1 front piece resulting in 1.9cm to be lost off each one - pardon my imperial v metric parlance.  Just realised that adds up to 5 pieces.  Ok, it seems that although I failed to add that up it's fitting fine so far, so we will blip over that error for now.
Most pieces were pleated along a line drawn halfway across the shoulder or the neck down to the hem perpendicular to the grain but on the side front, seeing as it is an armhole princess seam, I decided to take the 1.9cm loss off the bust curve where it started to downturn to take any fullness out there - I technically should have taken that same measurement off the front piece length too to make them match...but it didn't seem to need it.  Winging it.
But look!  I am so proud that all of the above seems to have worked so far and that I only had to re-do the darts once.

To be Continued...

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

What to say?

found here where a lexicographer (her first post uses the word 'winnowing') is blogging about dresses and that.